How to train for something you’ve never done before

My company is doing a triathlon.

It’s optional, but pretty much everyone, of course, has trepidation about doing the race, which is why I offered up the relay option (teams of 3, with each person doing one leg of the race). The main point, yes, is just to get people moving, but I was really hoping to get more people to commit to doing the complete sprint distance race. It’s a great thing to train for because it requires commitment and discipline, and is by no means easy, but it’s a sight easier than doing a marathon, for example—and people train for those all the time. But, like I said, happy that people are getting out and doing something. Continue reading


Getting Back on the Horse

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. It can be any number of things: work, family, illness, or all three. No matter what it is, the point is that sometimes you can’t get a workout in—even for an extended period of time.

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How To Be Happy

Let me start off by saying that sitting down to write a blog post on how to be happy is a daunting task. And, by the way, what’s it doing on a fitness blog? Are you just going to tell me to feel comfortable in my own skin? No—we’ve all heard that before, and everyone knows that it’s one of the things it takes to be happy. But, in my opinion, that’s neither the only—nor, even, the most important—element.

Why did I decide to suddenly write about being happy? What do I know about it, anyway? I’m only 26 years old, but I’ve already had some serious ups and downs in my life (have you seen my injury resume? That was a low). I’ve experienced different kinds of happiness, in different situations, with different people. I realized today, sitting at work with deadlines looming, covered in hives (after an apparent allergic reaction to antibiotics that treated a staph infection…long story), and my boyfriend 6,000 miles away, that I’m happy. Continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Train for a Race

Nothing is more frustrating to me than talking to people about getting in shape, or wanting to start exercising more, and as soon as I bring up the idea of training for a race, being met with a “no, I don’t think so… [and, insert waffling here].” Honestly, even if you don’t think you can do it, training for a race of any kind is an incredibly rewarding experience—even if the only thing you take away from it is being relieved at having finished. But you might surprise yourself. Continue reading

How Strength Training Helps You Get In Shape

I know I focus this blog on getting in shape, rather than losing weight. They’re not always the same thing, but they can absolutely be (it’s an all As are Bs, but not all Bs are As kind of situation). If you’re overweight, part of getting in shape means losing weight; it’s simple, the two go hand-in-hand. I’ve talked a lot about different weight training exercises, but I realized recently that if you don’t think lifting will help you, you ignore that information until you do—and many, many people toil under the misconception that lifting is something best done after slimming down.

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