A Successful Experiment—and an unintended outcome

So, I didn’t make it through 3 weeks of zero sugar (all of you betting folks, make sure you get your money). I was actually doing really well—I made it through 8.5 days of absolutely no sugar whatsoever. Even though I “failed” at the detox, I still learned a lot of really valuable things, so my feeling coming away from it is a very positive one. Continue reading


All hopped up: kicking that sugar addiction

A few days ago I posted Samantha’s experience with her juice cleanse. I don’t think I’d do anything where I really couldn’t eat real food for consecutive days (Yom Kippur is hard enough!), but it did actually push me to do what I’ve been thinking about for a while now: a sugar detox.

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Beer After A Workout? It’s Good For You!

Beer drinking is a post-sport pastime, and it’s even become a selling point for many all-comer races. Tough Mudder? Sign up and get a beer immediately after crossing the finish line. Ever played any co-ed sport? A stop at the bar after the game is basically required team participation. And there has been a surge in participation in hashing clubs, which describe themselves as “drinkers with a running problem” (I am well acquainted with the hash, not as a participant, but as an innocent by-standing friend. Proof: make sure you never go in new shoes!). ->

Chicken is Clucking Great

via the Music City Hot Chicken Festival--must. go. to. Nashville! mchcf.blogspot.com/

via the Music City Hot Chicken Festival–must. go. to. Nashville! mchcf.blogspot.com/

I’ve told you how much I love to eat, but haven’t really talked about it that much. So here we go, my first food post… and it’s dedicated to chicken!

As far as I’m concerned, chicken breast is the best thing you can eat if you’re trying to get in shape. Besides the fact that it’s delicious, it’s good-for-you lean meat (very low fat-to-protein ratio), and it’s really versatile. By itself, it’s fairly bland, but it’s a really good vehicle for spices and sauces. You can also add it to otherwise meatless dishes without changing the flavor of the dish to boost the protein content, which is good for muscle recovery and growth, and will keep you fuller longer (promise!). Continue reading