Turkey Trot as fast as you can!

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How Strength Training Helps You Get In Shape

I know I focus this blog on getting in shape, rather than losing weight. They’re not always the same thing, but they can absolutely be (it’s an all As are Bs, but not all Bs are As kind of situation). If you’re overweight, part of getting in shape means losing weight; it’s simple, the two go hand-in-hand. I’ve talked a lot about different weight training exercises, but I realized recently that if you don’t think lifting will help you, you ignore that information until you do—and many, many people toil under the misconception that lifting is something best done after slimming down.

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5 Workouts to Do During Commercial Breaks

It’s confession time: The Biggest Loser is my guilty-pleasure TV show. I totally love that show. I cry at their backstories, and at the makeovers. I’m such a sap.

One of the things that I’ve always noticed about the show is the “Trainer Tips.” The product pitches are annoying, but I love the ones where Bob tells you to get up at every commercial break and do an exercise (squats, pushups, jumping jacks, etc.) until the show comes back on. Considering how many commercial breaks there are in that show, you can get one hell of a workout and burn some serious calories, even if it’s only an hour long now (grumble!). Continue reading

How to Work Around Injuries

I have a tiny bit of “on-the-job” expertise with this one. Let me give you my injury resume (the fact that I even have one of these makes me a little sad):

6660_10100178492516381_7137860_n– When I was 16, I had back surgery to fix a herniated disc.
– My sophomore year of college, I had a horrific collision with an opposing goalie and tore my left PCL.
– My junior year, I had another collision with a goalie and broke my right leg.
– The summer before my senior year, I tore my right ACL.
– 6 months after I graduated from college, I tore a ligament in my left ankle.
– Because of my back and knee surgeries, I have the beginning of arthritis in those spots.
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How to work out when all you have is yourself

You don’t need to have a gym to get a good workout. I do happen to have a gym membership; I really like it and would encourage you to get one. But I know that sometimes it’s just not convenient to where you work or live, or you just don’t want to spend the money, or you’re not anywhere near the gym. That’s happened to me on occasion, whether I’m traveling, or I only have an hour before I have to be somewhere and the gym is not an option. When that happens, I usually get annoyed and don’t have a good workout because I’m just pissed off at the world and just say, “screw it.” First tip: don’t do that, because it’s not good for you and it doesn’t burn any calories. The extra calorie burn from the elevated heart rate is negligible and will NOT counteract that bowl of ice cream you will definitely have to calm yourself down. Believe me, I know. Continue reading