A Successful Experiment—and an unintended outcome

So, I didn’t make it through 3 weeks of zero sugar (all of you betting folks, make sure you get your money). I was actually doing really well—I made it through 8.5 days of absolutely no sugar whatsoever. Even though I “failed” at the detox, I still learned a lot of really valuable things, so my feeling coming away from it is a very positive one. Continue reading


All hopped up: kicking that sugar addiction

A few days ago I posted Samantha’s experience with her juice cleanse. I don’t think I’d do anything where I really couldn’t eat real food for consecutive days (Yom Kippur is hard enough!), but it did actually push me to do what I’ve been thinking about for a while now: a sugar detox.

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Getting on the juice – a detoxer’s experience

Samantha, my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (side note: does that make her my girlfriend-in-law?) recently did a 4-day, organic juice cleanse in order to get started on losing weight, getting in shape, and just being healthier overall. So, being curious, I asked her how it was. And then, being selfish, I asked her to do a guest blog. And she said yes! So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve wondered what it’s like to “be on the juice,” here’s your opportunity to find out.  Continue reading