5 Workouts to Do During Commercial Breaks

It’s confession time: The Biggest Loser is my guilty-pleasure TV show. I totally love that show. I cry at their backstories, and at the makeovers. I’m such a sap.

One of the things that I’ve always noticed about the show is the “Trainer Tips.” The product pitches are annoying, but I love the ones where Bob tells you to get up at every commercial break and do an exercise (squats, pushups, jumping jacks, etc.) until the show comes back on. Considering how many commercial breaks there are in that show, you can get one hell of a workout and burn some serious calories, even if it’s only an hour long now (grumble!).

So that got me thinking. Maybe, instead of eating Ben & Jerry’s right out of the carton while this show is on—I’m horrible, I know—I should get up and work out. This would be especially helpful on days like today where I can’t quite fit a real workout in (being sick sucks). So I made a list of a few short circuits you can do during commercial breaks. Let me know, if you try them, how they go for you—and feel free to add others in the comments!


I happen to have actually visited the pyramids. But no, I didn’t do any pushups.

The classic pyramid
10 pushups, 10 sit-ups
9 pushups, 9 sit-ups
8 pushups, 8 sit-ups
7 pushups, 7 sit-ups
6 pushups, 6 sit-ups
5 pushups, 5 sit-ups
4 pushups, 4 sit-ups
3 pushups, 3 sit-ups
2 pushups, 2 sit-ups
1 pushup, 1 sit-up
go back the other way if you have time. If not, you can do it during the next break. Or you work up on pushups and down on sit-ups. You choose!

The Benjamin
20 jumping jacks
20 pushups
20 sit-ups
20 squats
20 mountain-climbers

Legs to Stand On
:60 wall sit
20 side lunges (10 each way)
10 squat jumps
20 forward-back lunges
10 plié squats


via womenshealthmag.com, my favorite magazine!

Burpee Challenge (courtesy of theultimateworkouts)
1 burpee, 9 squats
2 burpees, 8 squats
3 burpees, 7 squats
4 burpees, 6 squats
5 burpees, 5 squats
6 burpees, 4 squats
7 burpees, 3 squats
8 burpees, 2 squats
9 burpee, 1 squat
Repeat in opposite direction!
*I hate burpees, but this is pretty awesome for a quick, super-intense workout–like you’d need for a commercial break.

20 sit-ups
40 mountain-climbers
1:00 plank
20 leg lifts
40 ea. heel-touch crunches

In other news, while watching the Warriors game tonight, I did the workout below. It was awesome, and it killed me. For more really great workouts (they’re longer than commercial-break), check out Tribe Sports—they have a ton!

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.54.30 PM


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